We’ve launched our wine club, Grape Expectations, and we are truly excited about what this event will showcase and what the event can become. We have two ‘versions’ of event: our Wednesday evening offering that is set at a lower price point and offers a more relaxed and less formal introduction to some of the wines and wine-makers we have listed at The Wine Glass (as well as some wines we don’t stock); our Saturday evening is slightly longer, offers an extra course of food and showcases a number of the more expensive and top-end ranges of wines. Not to say that either Wednesday or Saturday can’t be a bit more of the other on the night, but this is a generic description of the two different wine evenings.

We have a programme of events up until the 11th of September, by which time we will launch an updated diary of upcoming events.

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You can see the current programme here: https://www.thewineglass.guru/grapeexpectations/

Please contact us on 082 082 0007 to book a table or a few seats at any of our events! We look forward to hosting Grape Expectations and meeting a whole group of new wine lovers.